Monday, January 21, 2013

LA love..

So as many of you know before I came to LA I was a little reticent, didn't quite know what to expect and how I would fit in...Moreover I had heard horror stories from friends who had passed by and were uninspired to say the least. But I have been totally charmed by this city and would now count myself as one of its biggest fans!!

I’ve been really lucky to have some fabulous friends to show me the real LA.

What is most amazing about this place is the variety. You can be eating 2 dollar tacos from a hole in the wall in the "ghetto" one minute and wining and dining in the bright lights of Hollywood the next. You can be chilling out on the tiny secluded little Mediterranean-esk El matador beach in the morning and pop into Malibu Country Mart(and celebville) to do a little retail therapy on the way home.

Or you can jump on bikes (in the middle of January-in the sunshine) and ride down the famous Venice boardwalk with its very hippy vibe where "Green doctors" give out free samples of marijuana and end up in the beautiful and hip Abbot Kinney where only the young and trendy reside sipping cappuccinos and buying expensive organic t-shirts. And if you are really lucky you can find your way to the flea market of all flea markets at the Pasadena Rose bowl where there are literally miles and miles of stalls selling their vintage wares...I don’t know why but I just never associated LA with flea markets-eh? But that’s the thing I’ve started to realise that I think LA may just have it all....

Apart from snow...real snow (of course they make their own fake snow-this is Hollywood).
              Venice beach, bikes and dogs with sunglasses

Vintage market at the Rose Bowl

Post market Macaroons at Bottega Louie Downtown LA
Love lots,
Looking forward to seeing all my home girls this weekend...