Friday, November 30, 2012

Fall in LA

Hi guys..sorry have not posted in ages..been really busy with thanksgiving road trips and vistors...Thanks to those who actually mentioned that they missed it!!
Don’t quite know where to start but as its December tmw ..I thought I should mention FALL in LA before its too late..
There is one word in my mind that kind of sums it up...Pumpkin

Pumpkins have been everywhere for the last few months. Pumpkin patches have sprung up everywhere where literally hundreds of pumpkins carpet the ground. There are little ones, large ones, warty ones, cute ones, smooth ones, old ones, shiny new ones..and my favourite the Cinderella pumpkin. And then there’s pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, scary Halloween pumpkins and even skinny frappuccino cappuccino pumpkin lattes...

I don’t think my American friends quite believe me when I tell them when growing up in Ireland as pumpkins were generally too expensive we would spend most of Halloween chipping away at unripe turnips. We practically had to use a hammer and chisel to carve out our soggy little awkward turnip face that had usually wilted by the time it made it to the doorstep...

Does anyone remember this or was it just a Bell thing??

Here are some of my pumpkin encounters...
Will try and catch up with posts...should be easier as Fall has brought the rain to Santa Monica..