Friday, October 19, 2012

Santa Monica Pier

One of my favourite spots in Santa Monica is the pier...

It’s an old-school pier with a wooden boardwalk, ferris wheel and lots of colourful stalls, buskers, and painters...

During the summer months every Thursday they have a live concert at the pier and in the autumn on you can watch movies on a massive screen while sipping vino on the beach!!

But for me the pier is most perfect for strolling along on a Friday night people watching with an ice cream or crepe..Or my latest treat a "funnel cake" which is the most delicious thing ever.. like a donut but even more sticky!!

Only wish that you were all here to share the fun and eat funnel cake...xx


  1. Love your blog Katie! Very jealous of your gorgeous Californian life! Xx

    1. Thanks Sarah,it seems pretty amateur compared to yours!! Can't believe how time is flying!! Hope you have your woolies at hand for Edinburgh winter!! x